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Top Tips on Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Does your cat make getting into their carrier a difficult experience? Most cats dislike getting into their carrier, are not fans of car rides, and can even be uncooperative after their arrival at the veterinary office. Regardless of travel difficulties, it is important for all pets to see a veterinarian at least once a year to keep up with their health requirements. Because we know that most cats would prefer lounging at home to coming to the office, here are some tips for making this process a whole lot easier.

The Cat Carrier

As soon as you pull that carrier out, the kitty knows it’s time to go to the vet. One way to make it easier to transport the cat is to leave the carrier out for a week or more before the planned visit. If you put soft towels or blankets in the carrier, then the cat may actually sleep in there once in a while.


Bring the cat’s favorite toy or treat along for the ride to occupy the cat’s attention during the journey. You should leave your cat in the carrier until you’re shown to the examination room. But playing with the cat through the cage door can sometimes occupy your pet while waiting.

Keep a Cool Demeanor

Your pet will respond to your mood while on the trip to the vet and during the examination. If you remain calm, then that can help the cat to remain calm. Talking soothingly and petting the cat may help.

The Waiting Room

When you are in the waiting room at the vet’s office, try to keep your cat away from other animals. For example, if you see large dogs that are walking around the waiting room on leashes, then put your cat carrier on your lap and talk to your cat to keep it calm.

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