End of Life Care

Compassionate End-of-Life Care for Beloved Pets

Saying goodbye to a cherished companion is one of the most difficult moments in a pet owner’s journey. At VIDA Vet Denver, we understand the profound bond you share with your furry family members and the importance of ensuring their comfort and dignity in their final moments.

Our approach to end-of-life care is centered on compassion, empathy, and respect for both pets and their families. We strive to create a peaceful and supportive environment where you and your pet can find solace during this tender time. When the time comes, our experienced and caring team will guide you through the process with sensitivity and understanding. We offer options tailored to your pet’s needs, including in-home euthanasia or a serene setting at our clinic, where you can bid farewell in a calm and loving atmosphere.

We prioritize your pet’s comfort, allowing them to pass peacefully and free from pain. You’ll have the opportunity to cherish those final moments, surrounded by the love and warmth you’ve shared throughout your pet’s life.

For those struggling with the decision, we provide compassionate guidance and support, helping you navigate this emotional journey with empathy and care.

Aging pet considerations and resources

We recommend nose-to-tail exams at least every 6 months as dogs and cats get older. Generally starting around 8-10 years of age for cats and 6-8 years of age for dogs.

We recommend baseline metabolic screening and often annual or biannual testing for our pets as they age. Sometimes more frequent if we already have underlying disease conditions.

Why is this recommended? 

  • Acknowledges and enhances the human-animal bond
  • Promotes early detection of abnormalities
  • Promotes optimal and individualized medical care that may enhance the quality of life and promote longevity
  • Helps assess and address: weight, orthopedic, behavioral and metabolic changes

Resources on senior pets, quality of life, and pet grief:

Aftercare options, including communal or private cremation, are available to honor your pet’s memory and provide closure. We partner with Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services, a pet local crematorium in the Denver area. For more information on Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services, please visit their website here.

Throughout this challenging time, we are here to offer our unwavering support and understanding. Your pet’s legacy of love will forever remain in our hearts, and we’re honored to have been a part of their journey.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Update 11/22/23 – I have brought all my cats here and they all have received wonderful care, they do a great job of being up front and transparent about pricing. Both of my cats were here purring away, the staff is so incredible and caring.

11/24/22 – I had to bring my cat in on Thanksgiving night, they were more than understanding and caring. They ran bloodwork, determined the best course of action and were very open and transparent about pricing and options I had. Ultimately we had to put my cat down, they let me spend as much time as I needed with her and were very respectful and caring. Everyone I came into contact here was so nice and compassionate. I came to pick up her ashes a few days later, they even were able to fufill my request of having a nose print instead of a paw print. They included a very sweet handwritten card that I really appreciated. I will gladly bring my other cat here for care.

A. F.