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Senior Pet Care

As our beloved furry pals venture through the milestones of middle age and gracefully enter their senior years, it’s only natural to harbor concerns about their physical well-being. Ensuring our pets lead long, vibrant lives hinges on proactive healthcare practices.

Detecting the ‘Senior’ Phase: Understanding the Signs

Recognizing the signs of aging in our beloved animal companions can sometimes be challenging. However, the truth remains that most dogs are deemed seniors when they reach the age of seven, while cats typically fall into this category around the age of nine. Because pets age at a much faster rate than humans, illnesses and diseases tend to progress swiftly in their bodies.

Biannual Exams and Senior Blood Tests

In pursuit of ensuring your pet’s longevity, optimal health, and utmost comfort, Vida Veterinary Care – Denver strongly advocates bringing your senior pet for comprehensive examinations and blood tests biannually. This proactive approach allows us to closely monitor your pet’s aging process, significantly increasing the likelihood of detecting and addressing developing health issues before they escalate.

Blood tests are an integral aspect of a senior pet’s examination. These screenings, often termed a “senior panel,” meticulously track red and white blood cell counts and offer insights into the functioning of crucial organs like the kidneys, liver, pancreas, and thyroid. Additionally, your veterinarian might suggest a chest x-ray to assess the heart’s size and check for any abnormalities in the lungs.

Dental Check-ups

The threat of periodontal disease perpetually looms over our pets’ health and comfort, posing heightened risks for older pets. Hence, a dental examination is an indispensable part of any senior pet screening process.

Senior Behavior Changes

Equally significant is communicating any behavioral changes you notice in your pet to your veterinarian. As dogs and cats enter the geriatric stage, vigilant monitoring for signs of cognitive dysfunction, such as lapses in housebreaking, disorientation, or aimless wandering, becomes crucial.

By staying proactive and engaged in your senior pet’s health care, we strive to enhance their quality of life and ensure their well-being throughout their golden years.

Schedule A Wellness Checkup For Your Senior Pet

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